Pizza: One of the Greatest Dish Ever Served in the Modern Era

Why is pizza a great dish? A dish that has a combination of flavorful elements that are frequently liked by people. It is an all around party food usually found in Parties, Hangout, Graduation, and Reunions as well. Pizza originated from Naples, an Italian city that is located near Rome. The first known pizza that was created is made by Raffaele Esposito. It was made for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita during their visit to Naples. Ever since their visit, one of the first pizzas was named after the Queen. It’s name Pizza Margherita, is still being served to people all around the world. Pizza is a dish that is commonly served in restaurants. The impact that it had for most people who ate pizza are satisfied with how the flavors are infused with each other, and how creative some chefs are with their own pizza as if it was a blank canvas that anyone can make. Pizza can be seen as an artwork through the lens of food critics. Different variations of pizza are influenced and made from diverse cultures or countries. Moreover,  fast food restaurants took advantage of this strategy and made their own twists of pizza. Restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa Johns are notable restaurants that have pizza on their main menu. Most people know them by their taste, how they promote their product, and their new twist on pizza crust or the pizza itself. A particular twist made by Pizza Hut, having a cheese stuffed crust or a meat stuffed crust. This is liked by most people who eat pizza, especially people from the Philippines. This product is one of my favorites when I am ordering in Pizza Hut, it adds more sweetness that I would crave any day.

These flavors are offered to many people who like something new or fresh everytime they eat. An example would be how fast food restaurants would make something that is related to pizza. In 2016, KFC took a shot on making a new product that is a chicken pizza called the “Chizza”. The structure of the pizza is made out of chicken rather than dough. It was first released in the Philippines and it had amazing ratings from consumers. The Chizza was then released to different Asian countries such as India, Japan, and Singapore. The Chizza was so popular during their promotional time, different countries all over the world want a taste of the Chizza. Due to such demand and their promotional period, the Chizza only made in to selected KFC branches all over the world. By the time the promo was eventually done, most customers would like the return of the Chizza within the next year. After just one year, the Chizza made back to the menu of KFC branches worldwide. Yet the catch is it was only a promo like before. Personally, the Chizza is a wonderful twist towards pizza and chicken being together. My experience with it was excellent up to this day, I wish that they would serve the Chizza. As pizza has different aspects, it’s essence is mixed within the pizza. With main ingredients that are normally the dough, tomato sauce or slices, cheese, and usually paired with beef or pork that are thinly cut. When eating a pizza, you would normally want another piece.

Pizza as a product is convenient to make, and can serve a lot of people given how huge it is being made sometimes. Pizzeria’s stretches their pizza from 8” up to 30” inches. Some pizzas are preheated in their kitchens that they can be served within the first order. In pizzeria’s these preheated pizzas are those that the people usually buy. By the time people come in and order their pizzas. There are doughs ready to be stretched out into thin crusts or hand tossed. The dough would then be put in a wooden or metal pizza tray. And their ingredients are all prepared in their counter, afterwards they put in all of the ingredients necessary for the certain flavor of the pizza.  If a customer prefers to have their pizza cut into square pieces rather than the regular cut, the chefs would lay out the cut while they are putting the ingredients. They then proceed to heat it in an already heated oven that is usually over 250° to 260° in celsius. The pizzas are then laid in a brand new tray that would then be served to customers in the pizzeria. Before the pizza arrives at the table of their customers. A few pizzeria’s offer garlic bread as an appetizer. And when the pizza arrives, the flavor from the garlic bread would be mixed in the pizza itself. Afterwards, hot sauce or chili garlic are offered to the customers when eating the pizza for a spicy experience. It is usually paired when the pizza has a lot of meat. The combination of the spiciness and the meat is an extra bonus of flavor. Normally, I spread a lot of hot sauce and chili garlic to my pizza. Why? It really adds more character to the pizza. Some pizzeria’s offer salt and pepper to some of their pizzas as a bonus flavor as well for those who want to experiment with the taste of their pizza. At the end of each pizza being eaten, people are usually delighted with the taste that a pizza offers. Whether it be Hawaiian, Classic Cheese, Barbeque Chicken, or even Pepperoni. The taste that it offers is so diverse that people would come back or even order more if they wanted a different taste or approach to a pizza. 

Pizza is importantly known by the newer generation as the go-to-party-food. Restaurants also serve four flavors into one pizza that would be placed in their own corners. This type of pizza is shared with a lot of people. As its flavors are different from each side of the pizza. Some restaurants offer a deal or a promo that normally is, buy a pizza, you will get another pizza. This type of deal is commonly used by large families who gather around, a large party, and sometimes during special occasions. This is a huge benefit for both the restaurant, and the customer. It has more serving to people, and boosting the name of the restaurant through the pizza box served when ordered to be delivered. A restaurant frequently releases a deal during seasons that are usually filled with parties and celebrations.

    Back to the question of why pizza is a great dish? It really is a blank canvas when making, you mix your own flavor. I personally liked a feature from Domino’s that lets you create your own pizza. You add in how many cheese, meat, or veggies that you want in your pizza. It lets your own creativity flow within the food that you made. Domino’s gives you the freedom that you want with your pizza. With Papa Johns, the flavor it offers to its customers is the typical oily yet delicious pizza that everyone loves. And, with Pizza Hut? Without a question, the franchise that I loved from the moment that I ate my first pizza upto now. It’s uniqueness of Pizza Hut that you would not find in any restaurants. Eating a pizza or making a pizza, the pizza in itself is art in the form of food. 

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